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Friday, August 26, 2011

Screening of 'Dil Ki Basti Mein'

A Documentary film by Anwar Jamal
Music by- Ustad Iqbal Ahmed Khan of
'Dilli Gharana'
Sunday, 11-09-11, at 7.30 PM, at IIC, New Delhi.

Synopsis- The walled city of Old Delhi is a cultural universe unto itself, a sprawling, chaotic but infectiously spirited neighbourhood where life assumes many fascinating forms in a constant struggle for survival. This documentary film captures a vibrant city caught between the past and the present, between decay and renewal, between hope and despair, between tradition and modernity. A freewheeling journey through the varied aspects of Old Delhi - its heartbeats, its religious moorings, its food, its musical legacy, its poetry and its social identity - the film gets up close and personal with individuals and groups that are striving to keep the walled city's rich heritage alive in the face of constant flux, not all of which is salutary. Dil Ki Basti Mein is a tribute to the life-affirming soul of a resilient city with a glorious history, a none-too-stable present but, hopefully, a worthy future...

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